Whole School Changes!

Only two weeks ago, our school was operating as normal. Our children were learning in classrooms and playing outside among the spring flowers during breaktimes. Our teachers were planning exciting lessons for the remaining weeks before our Easter holidays and even some staff, were planning on travelling abroad for a week or so. 

Suddenly, we found ourselves working hard to follow the new rules in our country. We were all washing our hands at every opportunity, sanitising, and in recent days, we were keeping social distancing rules. Throughout all this, our families kept bringing our children to school, our pupils kept learning and we all stayed calm. Our Y6 pupils even went on residential for the week! We’re a close community! We work well as a team. We’re strong! 

In the background, the staff in our school were planning for big changes. We didn’t know what would happen next but we were planning. As I write now, our school, like all the schools in our country, are closed. We must stay at home as much as possible. We know we have a few exceptions. We also know that we need our key and critical workers to still go out to work to keep our country  ticking over. 

Our school is dedicated to keeping our key and critical workers doing their jobs. We remain open for the children of these workers, for our most vulnerable pupils and those with Educational Health Care Plans. The staff in school, are selfless. They are still showing up for work to teach some of our children. I am proud of them. Behind the scenes, the other staff are designing home learning, making videos, sharing links and answering emails from the children. Our children won’t be forgotten – no matter how long this goes on for. 

I will continue to update all our families too. The most important message from me for now is this: stay safe, stay at home and stay healthy. We want to see everyone return when we are allowed to open our doors to everyone once again. 

Mr Sieczkarek


Pride of Prince Edward


The Year 6 Team were shocked that this mature young lady was not already a Pride of Prince Edward. She is such a helpful, polite, and friendly girl. She is conscientious, always tries her best and works hard in every subject. She is a delight to have in the classroom and has a wicked sense of humour. Well done: you deserve to be the Pride of Prince Edward.

Demonstrating Growth Mindset

This is what it’s all about in life. If you have a “growth mindset” you know that knowledge and success won’t just ‘wash over you and be there’. You have to graft. You have to work at it and work on the weaknesses. By targeting the things you need to work on, you can achieve anything! I was so proud of these girls. This is the attitude I wish I had had when I was 11.

Y6 Class Blog

This week, many of our year 6 children presented their books to Mr Sciezkarek in the hope of achieving their pen licences. Most were successful and congratulations to them. These three girls however were not so lucky. Their feedback was that  despite their writing being immaculate it was very very small and this standard wouldn’t necessarily be achievable with a pen. They were challenged to go and practise with pen and return to Mr Sciezkarek in two weeks.

That wasn’t good enough for them.

Although disappointed, the girls were not going to wait those two weeks. They returned to class, asked to borrow a pen and then gave up their own time to practise and to prove that they could present their writing just as beautifully. Within 20 minutes they had returned to Mr Sciezkarek’s office with their new writing to once again ask for their licence. This demonstration of…

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Victory In Europe!

Y6 Class Blog

As we reach the end of our World War Two topic, and knowing that war was over, year 6 celebrated today by having their own VE Day ‘street’ party. We shared cakes and scones and had afternoon tea.

All the children have really enjoyed learning about significant events during the war and have all gained an understanding of what it must have been like and felt like to be living in Europe during this devastating time.

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Pride of Prince Edward

Oct 1

Bubbly, smiley, enthusiastic- every day with our Pride of Prince Edward in the classroom is a pleasure. Day in day out, she has the perfect work ethic which she applies to everything she does. She is polite and extremely helpful around school, she can be relied upon for anything you need doing. She is the perfect role model to other children at Prince Edward and fully deserves to be the new Pride of Prince Edward.