Pride of Prince Edward

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This young lady has such a positive attitude, no matter what she’s doing. She’s been trying so hard in Maths, keeping at it even though she has found it tricky lately (fractions). She has also really been working on her writing, which has come on amazingly. In the daily run and in PE, she works hard and sheers others along. She always has a smile. She is also very helpful, thoughtful and kind. She’s a pleasure to have in class.


Pride of Prince Edward

pope Feb 2018

This week’s Pride of Prince Edward has a mature and positive attitude towards her learning. She is supportive and will always help others where she can. She is polite and respectful; and a pleasure to have in Emerald Class. She thoroughly deserves to be a Pride of Prince Edward.

Pride Of Prince Edward


This pupil is such a joy to have in school. She is hardworking and thoughtful. She is kind and caring. She can really empathise with how people are feeling and puts other people’s feelings first. She has resilience and is so mature. Congratulations: you’ve been ready for this for years!

Learning at Prince Edward

Today, there is so much going on we just had to share it. Our children, across school are involved in so much today. 

Our resident French teacher, Monsieur Barthelemy teaches all our KS2 pupils weekly. They are making excellent progress and today our Y5s were explaining what the weather was like in France. 

Our pupils in our school learn to play the violin. The whole of Year 5  have just started to learn how to play and follow simple musical notation and some of our pupils have elected to study the violin for a second year and take part in a select group. Heather Cordwell is our resident music teacher.


Andy Messer (professional story teller and writer) spends a day in our school each week. He’ll be part of our school for the full year! We are so lucky to have our literacy sessions enriched with his skills and enthusiasm. Today he was working with y4 and he led the whole school assembly at the end of the day captivating every single one of us. 

story teller1

Many of our year groups have been baking for Macmillan Cancer Support today. Y2s have made flapjack and the Y6s baked vegan brownies! The school has smelt wonderful today. Not only are the children involved in fundraising, but the staff have been baking all week to raise money for this worthy cause. 

Our Y3s have been learning about the Stone Age since they started this school year. They’ve been up to all sorts. Today, they went in to our Secret Garden working as archaeologists to discover hidden artefacts. 

What will everyone get up to tomorrow?

The Pride of Prince Edward

The first Pride of Prince Edward was awarded on Friday to a girl who has been ready for this recognition since she was in Year 2!

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This superstar has been a Pride of Prince Edward now for some time. She’s been doing the right thing for years! She has made a fantastic start to the new school year and shows real enthusiasm. She’s helpful and friendly and truly deserves this award.


Artwork in our School Hall

This year our pupils in all year groups have had the chance to work with two wonderful artists from “Artboat”: Soo and Charlie. There is some amazing artwork around school and the latest masterpieces to go up are the Harry Potter sculptures created by the Y5s and the Solar System created by the Y2s. Our school hall looks amazing. We are really going to miss Soo and Charlie, but we know, in a few years, we will invite them back for more stunning art sessions. 

HP collageSpace collage