Fiver Challenge

I love enterprise projects like this. In fact, the whole of Key Stage 2 will be making profit from their starter £5 this week. Today, from the Y4s, I bought a “Memory Box”, a friendship bracelet, I pre-ordered a personalised key ring and paid to play darts. I scored 37 (with 3 darts) and stayed in the lead until a Y5 girl knocked me off the top spot.

Well done Y4 for kicking this whole thing off. I’ll look forward to see how you get on over the week.

Mr Sieczkarek

Amber Class Blog

Today, after lots of week preparing for this moment, Year Four opened up their stalls ready to sell their products. We have created this business idea from scratch, made a logo and slogan, completed market research and designed and improved our products. We have then made some protocols and created order forms. After we had completed all of this, we created some order forms ready to hit the yard.

This breaktime was the first time that we opened our doors for people to place orders or buy. To say it was our first day, we did extremely well. For sale we had: BRACELETS, SLIME, BADGES AND KEY RINGS AND NAIL PAINTING. I am very proud of everyone today for their sales techniques and hope this good business lasts all week.

Don’t forget, if you saw our stalls today and wish to buy something, bring your money at either BREAKTIME OR…

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Pride of Prince Edward

Pride of Prince Edward April 27th 2018.png

Jade Class has their very own teenager in this star pupil! This is reflected in her attitude towards learning and school. She is responsible, sensible and very mature. She always puts in 100% effort. She is helpful and kind to her peers. Never mind ready for Year 5… our newest Pride has the disposition and attitude of a Year 7 or Year 8! However, Miss Caudwell is so happy that she is in Year 4. This award is very well deserved. Well done!

Progress in Writing: Before and After

I always love reading work from pupils. I love to see the pride in their faces when they show me. In our school, our pupils work so hard to improve their writing. They carefully read their teacher’s marking, they self edit their work (or others’), they try hard with their handwriting in order to acquire the ‘pen licence’; and they always try to make the most current piece of writing show the progress they have made since September. 

Have a look at these examples: 

Outstanding Approach Cup!

It’s very rare to be presenting this trophy. We normally issue it to individuals who have an “outstanding approach” to school life. You can actually see previous winners on our website:


It is huge congratulations to the fabulous Year Four team this week who have been awarded this trophy for their behaviour on school trips. They showed the adults their best behaviour and represented Prince impeccably. But is is normal for them. They shone out above the other schools that were attending the same trip and another Head Teacher contacted the school to praise us! Well done Amber class and Jade Class, you have made Team Prince very happy.

Trophy 2


Pride of Prince Edward

What a wonderful choice it has been to select this week’s Pride of Prince Edward. It is so well-deserved.

POPE Dec 17.png

He greets Amber Class every morning with a smile and a beautiful “good morning”. He is very helpful around the classroom and is a great friend to his fellow classmates. He has been so focused in the classroom recently, putting his hand up and engaging in his learning. He has produced some of the best work we have seen from him in Y4, showing off everything he has learnt this year. He is a pleasure to teach and represents Amber Class beautifully.