Artwork in our School Hall

This year our pupils in all year groups have had the chance to work with two wonderful artists from “Artboat”: Soo and Charlie. There is some amazing artwork around school and the latest masterpieces to go up are the Harry Potter sculptures created by the Y5s and the Solar System created by the Y2s. Our school hall looks amazing. We are really going to miss Soo and Charlie, but we know, in a few years, we will invite them back for more stunning art sessions. 

HP collageSpace collage

Y2 Persuasive Writing

The Y2 children recently showed me some wonderful persuasive writing. At first I wasn’t sure, but they absolutely convinced me to let them have a beach holiday!


The quality of their writing in their Topic Book was just as good as the quality of writing in their English Book.

Smarty Pilates

Check out the Y2 Pearl blog. Another example of a diverse curriculum here at Prince Edward. Read below to find out about the Pilates our children have taken part in.


Today, we had a lovely surprise when we got to have a go at doing some Pilates in our PE session.


Amy taught us how keep balanced on different parts of our body. We had to move different parts whilst keeping the rest of our body still. It wasn’t easy but we persevered and keep on trying.


It was so much fun. Thanks Amy.

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Music, Science and Shakespeare

It was a treat to hear the Y2s play their recorders for me. EYFS heard it too on their search for sounds around school today! Loads of science is taking place in Y4 right now. Thanks for showing me extended writing in Topic Books and teaching me loads of scientific vocabulary like: saliva, oesophagus and intestines. 



I read to the Y6s this afternoon and started a narrative version of Romeo and Juliet. It’s already very exciting, Romeo has just kissed Juliet at the Capulet’s party and the text gave us opportunities to discuss words like: despised, billowing and contemptuous. 

Wonderful Work on a Monday!

It’s wonderful to receive visits from children across the school who show me their work. This always brightens up my Monday. I’ve read all about Cats in Y2 in a fabulous non-chronological report. I’ve read some amazing, descriptive writing about Harry Potter from a Y5 writer; and some Y4s came to show me how they worked collaboratively on solving fractions of amounts using the bar modelling method.