Florence Nightingale Workshop

Currently we aren’t taking our pupils on visits out of school. We still want our children to have experiences out of the classroom in order to bring their topics alive. Our Y2s were lucky enough to have Florence Nightingale visit our school and talk about her life and her work in the Crimean War.

Whole School Changes!

Only two weeks ago, our school was operating as normal. Our children were learning in classrooms and playing outside among the spring flowers during breaktimes. Our teachers were planning exciting lessons for the remaining weeks before our Easter holidays and even some staff, were planning on travelling abroad for a week or so. 

Suddenly, we found ourselves working hard to follow the new rules in our country. We were all washing our hands at every opportunity, sanitising, and in recent days, we were keeping social distancing rules. Throughout all this, our families kept bringing our children to school, our pupils kept learning and we all stayed calm. Our Y6 pupils even went on residential for the week! We’re a close community! We work well as a team. We’re strong! 

In the background, the staff in our school were planning for big changes. We didn’t know what would happen next but we were planning. As I write now, our school, like all the schools in our country, are closed. We must stay at home as much as possible. We know we have a few exceptions. We also know that we need our key and critical workers to still go out to work to keep our country  ticking over. 

Our school is dedicated to keeping our key and critical workers doing their jobs. We remain open for the children of these workers, for our most vulnerable pupils and those with Educational Health Care Plans. The staff in school, are selfless. They are still showing up for work to teach some of our children. I am proud of them. Behind the scenes, the other staff are designing home learning, making videos, sharing links and answering emails from the children. Our children won’t be forgotten – no matter how long this goes on for. 

I will continue to update all our families too. The most important message from me for now is this: stay safe, stay at home and stay healthy. We want to see everyone return when we are allowed to open our doors to everyone once again. 

Mr Sieczkarek


Pride of Prince Edward


This little superstar is a ray of sunshine, who is a delight to teach. She always has a smile on her face and is an absolute treasure! She is thoughtful, generous with her time and is always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs it. She works hard in anything that she does and is determined to be the very best she can. We adore having her at Prince Edward!

Pride of Prince Edward


Our newest Pride has been Pride-ready for ages and he sets the standard high. He is an always child. He can always be relied upon, his behaviour is always impeccable and he always has a fantastic attitude to school and his learning.  He is really deserving of the Pride of Prince Edward and I know every teacher in school will be wanting him in their class.