Multiplication Competition

We are so very proud of our Y4 children. They have entered a multiplication quiz against other schools. They have knocked out all the other opponents and are through to the semi finals. They have Pipworth Primary to beat, and if they do, they go through to the Grand Finals! Keep up the hard work!

Jade class

Prince Edward Primary School are through to the semi-finals of the Year 4 inter school multiplication competition!

The team was amazing and kept thier cool to secure a win with a score of 39-36!


We are one step closer to the trophy but need to succeed in the

semi-finals agianst Pipworth Community Primary school.

Wish us luck!


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Multiplication Quiz Show with the Y4s

Every year, we work hard to ensure our Y4 pupils know their multiplication tables as well as they can. We need them to be fast, accurate and knowledgeable with all the multiplication facts to 12 x 12. In fact, the British government will soon be introducing a national test for all Y4 pupils to sit. The children will be measured against one another and there will be a standardised pass rate I’m sure. 

In our school, to promote the learning of multiplication facts, we have a quiz show every two weeks. Four children from Amber Class and four children from Jade Class compete against each other to win the school trophy. This week, we had the first Quiz show. 

Quiz Show1

The children warmed up by individually answering two questions. Then the children moved into the conferring round, where the team captains listened to everyone and announced the final answer. After these two rounds, Jade class were in the lead and Amber were even move determined to win. Then, the pupils took part in the fastest finger first round and a tricky round called “question or nominate”. After some difficult questions, the results were revealed… Amber class had won by three points. What a close game!

Quiz Show3.JPG

Well done to all the pupils that took part. There was some really good thinking, co-operation and encouragement throughout the contest.

Quiz Show4.JPG

We are so grateful to the Sheffield University Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department who have worked on creating us a set of quiz show buzzers. The buzzer system is great because it can detect who has pressed first and cancel out the rest. This way, there’s no denying who was first. Thank you very much. We intend to invite the University Department up to school so they can see the buzzers in action! 

The Time Tables Quiz Show!

It was the last ever Times Tables Quiz Show in year 4. Everyone has worked so hard to learn their tables and as a result, the pupils know them all! It has been so close all the way. Before this Quiz Show, it was 2 wins for Amber Class and 2 wins for Jade Class. Someone had to win and Jade pipped Amber to the post. We will relaunch our quiz show next year with a new set of Y4s. This current year group will be hard to beat, but if anyone can do it, our current year 3s can. 

Well done to all the pupils and staff for organising this exciting event. 

Y4 Times Tables Quiz Show

Yesterday, the Y4s took part in their third quiz show. They have been revising their tables to 12 x 12 for weeks and the progress they have made is so noticeable. Both teams were very competitive and knowledgeable. They were fast on the buzzers and even interrupted before the questions had been fully asked.  The children were strategic in the “Question or Nominate” round and it was neck and neck until the very end.

Jade Class 32                                                   Amber Class 33