Pride of Prince Edward

What a wonderful choice it has been to select this week’s Pride of Prince Edward. It is so well-deserved.

POPE Dec 17.png

He greets Amber Class every morning with a smile and a beautiful “good morning”. He is very helpful around the classroom and is a great friend to his fellow classmates. He has been so focused in the classroom recently, putting his hand up and engaging in his learning. He has produced some of the best work we have seen from him in Y4, showing off everything he has learnt this year. He is a pleasure to teach and represents Amber Class beautifully.


Pride of Prince Edward


Hard-working and determined, persevering and enthusiastic, these are words that I would use to describe this week’s Pride of Prince Edward. She has an absolute love of learning which makes teaching her a delight. She always has a positive ‘I can achieve anything’ attitude and relishes a challenge. She goes above and beyond in all lessons because she wouldn’t have it any other way. She lights up the room with her larger-than-life personality, demonstrating all the qualities of a Pride of Prince Edward all the time. Congratulations, you really deserve this!

Pride of Prince Edward


What a superstar! This young man may only be in Y1 but he has already proved himself to be worthy of the Pride of Prince Edward. He has an amazing attitude to school and all of his learning. He is always eager to learn and always able to answer questions when asked. He always completes his work to the best of his ability and perseveres when things get a little bit tricky. He is a popular member of the class who is always kind to his friends! A perfect choice for the Pride of Prince Edward!