Welcome back!

Everyone in school has got off to a flying start. The children have settled in really well to their new classes and the teachers have been planning loads of exciting things for their class. I’ve been reading all the blogs in our school and here are some you might be interested in:













Nursery in the Outdoor Provision

Just look at the learning in the outdoor provision. Our Nursery children were learning all sorts! I always enjoy exploring with them.

Gross motor.

Fetching and carrying. Pouring and spilling.

“And what are you two doing?”

“We’re kicking and counting.”

” Oh! How does that work?”

“First you kick it. Then you count it.”

“What have you got?”

“I’ve got a four.”

“Is he right?”

“Oh yeah. He’s got a four. There’s four dots. Look.” (He also showed me four fingers for good measure)

“Can I have a go?”

“Yeah, but no one’s got a six yet.”

….I got a 2!

The two boys then went on to keep score of who was winning after each kick-and-count!

The Time Tables Quiz Show!

It was the last ever Times Tables Quiz Show in year 4. Everyone has worked so hard to learn their tables and as a result, the pupils know them all! It has been so close all the way. Before this Quiz Show, it was 2 wins for Amber Class and 2 wins for Jade Class. Someone had to win and Jade pipped Amber to the post. We will relaunch our quiz show next year with a new set of Y4s. This current year group will be hard to beat, but if anyone can do it, our current year 3s can. 

Well done to all the pupils and staff for organising this exciting event. 

Y4 Times Tables Quiz Show

Yesterday, the Y4s took part in their third quiz show. They have been revising their tables to 12 x 12 for weeks and the progress they have made is so noticeable. Both teams were very competitive and knowledgeable. They were fast on the buzzers and even interrupted before the questions had been fully asked.  The children were strategic in the “Question or Nominate” round and it was neck and neck until the very end.

Jade Class 32                                                   Amber Class 33

The Y4 Inter-Class Times Tables Quiz Show!

The Y4s are working so hard to know all their multiplication facts from 0 x 1 to 12 x 12. The teachers and I decided to arrange a regular Quiz Show! The Y4s participated in their first Quiz Show yesterday. 

Y4 Times Tables Quiz Show1

We had:

  • Two competing teams
  • One trophy for the winners
  • Miss French to keep the scores
  • Many challenging rounds including “Question or Nominate”
  • Buzzers
  • Theme tunes and sound effects
  • and a very exciting final round against the clock called “Fastest Finger”.

The children were very impressive. It was a close call, but Amber Class pipped Jade Class to the post and are the class winners until we have the Quiz Show in two weeks’ time. 

Y4 Times Tables Quiz Show2.jpg

Y4 Mathematicians

This week I spent time in lots of classes and enjoyed working with both the teachers and pupils. The Y4s were doing lots of tricky decimal work and lots of problem solving using the ‘bar modelling method’. A day or so later, three Y4 pupils showed me their work. I was so impressed. They asked for really hard, tricky Headteacher ‘wishes’. So I made a comment in each book and gave them really ‘stinkingly’ hard wishes! Well done all three of you. You were able to explain exactly how you got to your solution too!

Here they are:


Maths Problem Solving

I’ve had my fractions knowledge tested today. The Year 6s were talking to me about lowest common denominators when comparing two fractions with different denominators and the Y4s were finding fractions of amounts.

I am very impressed with the presentation of their books, the methods and strategies used; and the quality marking from both teachers and peers.

Here is a ‘wish’ from one of the Y4s which isn’t quite mathematically correct. She wrote this ‘wish’ in her friends book. Who can reply and tell me why?

“There are 30 children in the class. 1/4 of them leave the room. How many are left?”