Welcome Back Prince Edward

It’s been a week since we all returned after our Christmas holiday. Welcome back to all our children, their parents and families and to all the dedicated staff. The children never fail to amaze me! They returned settled, keen to learn, enthusiastic and each year group seemed to have matured over the holidays. In just one week, the pupils have proved that they haven’t forgotten any of our school rules, routines or expectations. Well done: I am very proud.


Happy New Year 2017

Welcome back to all our pupils and staff. We arrived back on a bitter January morning and cracked straight on with all the exciting activities the day brings. Our Y5s are playing the violin and our Y6s haven’t stopped speaking French this morning. Y3s unwrapped a fish tank and there’s lots of play dough in the Early Years.

I will look forward to reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with the Y6s this afternoon. Before Christmas, the monster had been reunited with Frankenstein and had requested that he create¬†him a “mate”!