Pride of Prince Edward

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The Pride of Prince Edward this week, represents everything that it means to be a Pride. She has consciously worked towards achieving this award. She set her sights on this goal and never gave up working on the qualities she needed to demonstrate. It is an absolute pleasure to have her in Sapphire class. Since the start of the year she has always been kind, polite and considerate of the feelings of others. Sophie loves a challenge and never gives up; and since September, she has had such a positive attitude towards her learning. Sophie fully deserves to be the new Pride of Prince Edward.

Demonstrating Growth Mindset

This is what it’s all about in life. If you have a “growth mindset” you know that knowledge and success won’t just ‘wash over you and be there’. You have to graft. You have to work at it and work on the weaknesses. By targeting the things you need to work on, you can achieve anything! I was so proud of these girls. This is the attitude I wish I had had when I was 11.

Y6 Class Blog

This week, many of our year 6 children presented their books to Mr Sciezkarek in the hope of achieving their pen licences. Most were successful and congratulations to them. These three girls however were not so lucky. Their feedback was that  despite their writing being immaculate it was very very small and this standard wouldn’t necessarily be achievable with a pen. They were challenged to go and practise with pen and return to Mr Sciezkarek in two weeks.

That wasn’t good enough for them.

Although disappointed, the girls were not going to wait those two weeks. They returned to class, asked to borrow a pen and then gave up their own time to practise and to prove that they could present their writing just as beautifully. Within 20 minutes they had returned to Mr Sciezkarek’s office with their new writing to once again ask for their licence. This demonstration of…

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End of Year Celebrations!

What a year! This year has been wonderful. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children grow and learn; achieve and make progress; investigate and explore; and all the while enjoy their time here at Prince Edward Primary. I personally want to thank all the  governors, school staff, children and families for working in partnership to provide the best possible education and life chances for our children. I feel so proud to be part of this amazing team. 

Today, it is our last day and we had a celebration assembly. Children received certificates for the Children’s University, for knowing all their multiplication facts, for 100% attendance and for homework. Some children not only had 100% attendance for the year, but some children had 100% attendance for two, three and four consecutive years!

One child had five consecutive years of 100% attendance and she was presented with two very special gifts. She loves reading, so she was presented with a bundle of books to take with her when she leaves for secondary school. She also received a glass paperweight with inscription. Well done. We are all so proud and we will miss you. 

There were three sports awards to present too. One child received the school’s Outstanding Contribution to Sports’ Trophy. This was for putting 100% effort in to a range of sports in school. She takes part in the daily mile run, Take 10 daily aerobics, the school’s orienteering team and the girls’ football team. Another child received the Outstanding Sporting Attitude Award. A few months ago when she started swimming lessons at school, she was petrified. With her growth mindset, she persevered, worked on her weaknesses and focused on putting in the right effort in order to get better. As a result she can swim a full length of the pool and has even taken up swimming for pleasure after school. The newest award to add to our huge collection of trophies was a trophy awarded to two girls who took part in speed cycling in the city finals. They came third out of all the competitors. 

Finally, we were proud to present the highest accolade our school can award. It is the Outstanding Approach Cup. This young lady was awarded this for her thirst for knowledge, her love of reading, her consistent 100% attendance, her ambition to be better everyday, her love of school, her love of challenge; and how she can create an epicentre of positivity with all those who know her. We are so proud and we will miss her. 

I sincerely wish everyone a wonderful summer. Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in September when you return. I can only hope that next year brings as much success as this one. 

Thank you and best wishes. 

Mr Sieczkarek