Manor Lodge

We are so lucky to have the historic Manor Lodge Tudor site on our doorstep. It is steeped in history.


Yesterday, we visited Manor Lodge as part of our Tudor topic. It was such a fun day, exploring the grounds and taking part in different Tudor themed activities. We loved meeting Bess of Hardwick (Countess of Shrewsbury) and we enjoyed dressing up in different Tudor clothing.

What a great day!

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Y6 Class Blog

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In Year 6, we kick started our Fairtrade unit off by working in groups to present our thoughts about the banana trade. We were surprised to learn that:

  • Each group involved (from growers to retailers) didn’t receive equal amounts of money.
  • There were so many different elements and groups involved with the banana trade (Leah).
  • How much hard work it takes to produce bananas (Aishah).
  • The growers only got 3p (Ricky) and Shipping and Retailers got 9p each (Olivia).

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Y4 at Castleton!

Our Year 4s are spending three days away from their families on a residential experience at Castleton.

They left school yesterday and settled in straight away. They walked around Castleton and had lunch. The children took part in a river study and a GPS challenge! Everyone worked hard as a team and represented the school perfectly.

By the afternoon the children walked back to the Youth Hostel at Losehill Hall, started to unpack their things in their dorms and make their beds. The children helped each other make beds especially if the pillow needed a squeeze to get it into the pillow case.

By the evening, everyone was very hungry and they had dinner. More activities followed after that. They took part in the Egg Rocket Challenge!

By the time everyone was ready for bed and had one or two hugs, stories were read and the Y4s soon settled down to sleep. Their mums and dads would be so proud of how they are coping being away from their families on their first night.


Today is day two! Everyone slept like logs! The children will be taking a tour of Speedwell Cavern, exploring the leadmine and fossil hunting. We know, that even with the drizzle and wind, they will have a great time.

French Day!

In our school, the staff love to make learning fun and inspiring. We enjoy themed weeks and celebrations! This week, for example, the whole school have been baking cakes, buns and goodies raising money for a charity very dear to all our hearts: Macmillan Cancer Charity. Today, is the day we count up how much we have raised. 

Yesterday, the Key Stage 2 staff arranged for the children to sign up for workshops around school. This meant that older brothers and sisters could sign up for the same activity as their younger brother or sister. We love to mix things up like that. Everyone enjoyed this way of working. The staff ensured that all the activities were linked to the modern foreign language we study in our school: French. For our oldest children, they have become quite fluent. They’ve been speaking French for three years or more. We are lucky in our school though, because we have Monsieur Jacques Barthelemy (who is native French speaker) and he teaches French to everyone, so he knows exactly what each child has learnt in the past. 

The school was totally absorbed in everything French, from music workshops, to food tasting, bread baking and cycling. There were a wide range of activities that the children could sign up for, and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, learning lots of new skills and knowledge. Here is a selection of what they got up to…


food tasting


pe games


tour de prince


Summertime has Arrived

Over the last few days the weather has really been kind to us. Sunny weather means more outdoor learning. Our school has loads to offer to the pupils. We have a MUGA, a timber trail on astro-turf, a field, allotments, the Biodome, a Secret Garden, the Playpod, an amphitheater, sheltered decking areas, basketball shoots, sheltered bistro tables for outdoor dining and a new cave built in to the banking. 

Today we made full use of our environment and everyone enjoyed their lunch outdoors. The children in our school enjoy having the chance to be active during their breaktimes. The pictures below should capture how lucky we are.