Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s Friday and we have had a great first week back. The children have returned to school with amazing attitudes to learning. They have remembered exactly how we do things here at Prince Edward Primary. They are polite, courteous, friendly, sincere, hard working and responsible. I’ve enjoyed seeing all our pupils and their families each morning when they come to school. Meeting and greeting our families on the school yard is a great start to the day. The children have thrown themselves straight in to their learning and after school clubs: Y6 are looking at alternative fairy tales, Y3s have been excited about their dance; and gaming club, Razzmatazz Drama Club and Handball Club have got off to a great start. 

French Day

At Prince Edward, our KS2 pupils learn French and we are lucky enough to have Jacques Bartolemy teaching our pupils. This week, we organised a day for all our KS2 children to learn French across many varied subjects. There was food tasting (including trying snails in garlic butter);

cycling, art (in the style of pointillism); DT models of the Eiffel Tower,

dance, sand art and orienteering solving French clues.