Pen License!

Congratulations! Your handwriting was so neat and consistent in all your books. You thoroughly deserve this. Well done.

Mr Sieczkarek

Y3 Sapphire

Alert! Sapphire Class has it’s first ever pen license. This pupil has continuously focused on a beautiful, consistent presentation. I’m sure that many more will follow. Well done!

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Smiles in the sun!

During lockdown, our teachers have been sending out all sorts for our children to do at home. Here’s a wonderful compilation of all the things our children in Onyx Class have been doing recently. Well done everyone. Stay safe.

Mr Sieczkarek

Onyx Class FS2

Miss Boyd LOVED hearing the children’s voices on the phone this week. It was so lovely to speak to you, and it sounds like you have all been very busy at home. We have been so lucky to have some sunshine recently. Lots of children have been making the most of the lovely weather and playing outside. Have a look what some of your friends have been doing!

We went on a sound/letter hunt in our homes and gardens.

Playing some addition games in the garden with our families!

Exercising like different animals!

Lots of us have been helping to cook and prepare meals!

Harvey’s homemade honecomb! Yum!

Enjoying the sunshine and getting out for some daily exercise.

Thank you everyone for your photos, it is lovely to share with you all! Stay safe!

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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s Friday and we have had a great first week back. The children have returned to school with amazing attitudes to learning. They have remembered exactly how we do things here at Prince Edward Primary. They are polite, courteous, friendly, sincere, hard working and responsible. I’ve enjoyed seeing all our pupils and their families each morning when they come to school. Meeting and greeting our families on the school yard is a great start to the day. The children have thrown themselves straight in to their learning and after school clubs: Y6 are looking at alternative fairy tales, Y3s have been excited about their dance; and gaming club, Razzmatazz Drama Club and Handball Club have got off to a great start.