The Nativity Play

We’ve really enjoyed the end of term celebrations. Our children have particularly enjoyed performing in the nativities. The EYFS children were confident and sang beautifully. This really got us in the Christmas spirit.

Onyx Class FS2

When Miss Boyd first told the children in Onyx class that we would be putting on a christmas they were so excited. Some children remembered putting on a performance back when they were in Nursery!

We had to learn lots of new songs, and we had to practice singing every day! We have been trying so hard to remember all of the actions and the words.

Miss Boyd and Miss Deighton told the children that some children would be given speaking parts. We held special auditions in the hall, and those children who wanted to have speaking parts auditioned in front of everyone. Some of the children were very brave and confidently spoke in front of all the children and teachers in both classess!

The children had been rehearsing lots, practising our performance in the hall. Then the day finally arrived! It was time for the christmas performance! The hall…

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Pride of Prince Edward

Dec 3.png

Here is a superstar! It is hard to believe she hasn’t become a Pride of Prince Edward before now. Kind, friendly hardworking – she is an absolute pleasure to have her in our class. She wants to be friends with everyone and goes out of her way to make other people in class feel happy and at home. She tries just as hard in lesson time, where she works her socks off to listen, understand and learn. I can’t imagine what our class or school would be like without her in it: she truly is a Pride of Prince Edward!

Pride of Prince Edward

Dec 1.png

This superstar has been working so hard to become the Pride of Prince Edward and he has totally transformed himself. He is now a sensible, conscientious and grown up member of our class. He is a brilliant team player and supports the other children in class to do their best.  I am so proud  of his persistence and growth mindset, which have allowed him to transform into a real Pride of Prince Edward.

Pride of Prince Edward

Nov 3.png

It’s a pleasure to have this wonderful pupil in Emerald Class. She is hardworking and a friend to everyone. She’s sensible, kind, thoughtful and well-mannered. She always tries her best and always produces good quality work. It must run in the family as her brother was an Emerald Class superstar too! Keep up the excellent, hard work and effort; and enjoy being part of the Pride of Prince Edward team.