Fiver Challenge

This was a huge success last year. I can’t wait to see our young entrepreneurs embark on all the creative ideas they have. Good luck!

Y6 Class Blog

Image result for fiver challengeThis week saw the launch of our Fiver Challenge Event across Key Stage 2.


We have 4 weeks and £5 to come up with a product, create it, make it and sell it – hopefully for a profit!!!! We were very luck and to give us some inspiration, we were joined by Stuart Joce (CEO) and Nompu Mahlangu. They talked to us about themselves and their businesses and some of the challenges they have faced along the way. 

“I thought what Stuart had to say was helpful and inspirational because it made me think about what I need to do to be successful in the Fiver Challenge.” Sam Year 6.

“Stuart’s presentation was very informative and heartbreaking at the same time. I was amazed at how successful he has become and I hope that my group can be as successful as Stuart and his businesses.” Magdalena Year 6.

“I found…

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Pride of Prince Edward

PoPE June2.png

This week’s star has been striving towards becoming a Pride of Prince Edward since the day she started Year 5. She does the little things each day which make her stand out from the rest: she ALWAYS walks smartly and quietly in the corridors; she ensures our classroom is safe and tidy; she comes in focused each day and she takes care of people in the class who might be struggling. Those little acts have been noticed and show her as a kind, respectful and considerate pupil who contributes to make Prince Edward a happier place to be.

Well done! The hard work really does pay off. You did it!

Y3 Writers!

I had a visit from two Y3 boys. They showed me their writing. They’d been learning about Mary Anning. I was so impressed with the quality of their writing and their technique. Not only that, they confidently talked about writing upwards of six paragraphs over two or more pages. The standard was so high for their age. I told them that I would put their work on my blog and their faces lit up! I said that people from all over the world might look at it….

Alfie Writing

connor writing

A Dinosaur Came to Visit

Just another great example of the exciting, inspiring and creative curriculum the teachers here provide for our lucky children.

Onyx Class FS2

Once we had the footprints in our classroom we had a new clue as to what had left the egg in our classroom. It generated many conversations and there was all of a sudden a lot of talk about dinosaurs.

We decided to set up the camera overnight and see if there were any visitors to our classroom. You will not believe what we saw!


There was a dinosaur in our classroom! He walked all over the table and did a BIG roar before he left again. It made us believe we had been right when we said there was a dinosaur in the egg. Some children quickly got to work and started making a trap to try and capture the dinosaur. They thought about a fake egg to trick the dinosaur into coming and having a look, a rope to trip him up and some water to pour on…

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The Pride of Prince Edward

PoPE June1.png

Our winner this week thoroughly deserves to be our new Pride of Prince Edward. She is a polite, friendly and helpful girl and an invaluable pair of helping hands around the classroom and school. 

She is truly the most kind and caring person you will ever meet. She cares about the feelings of others and always treats others with kindness. She will always find a way to pick you up if you’re feeling a little low and make you smile again (including teachers and staff).

She is highly regarded by her peers as they frequently comment on how hard she works and how helpful and kind she is to others. She is neat, tidy and always organised which means her books are of a really high quality. She is always grateful for the work we put in as teachers and we are always thankful to have such a lovely young lady to teach. She absolutely embodies all of the Prince Edward Values and we are all so lucky to have her at our school.