Millie’s Mark

Millie's mark

Today we had confirmation that we have achieved and earned the Millie’s Mark. It is so hard to achieve. As a school, you have to demonstrate that you are very thorough with health and safety in the Early Years. We are delighted we have been recognised for all the hard work we have put in.

Having the Millie’s Mark award demonstrates our commitment to going above and beyond the minimum requirements for keeping children safe. It shows that all staff working directly with children not only hold a paediatric first aid certificate but that they are also competent in how to apply this in practice.

Achieving Millie’s Mark shows that we have the correct procedures and documentation in place and gives our parents that greater reassurance.

Pride of Prince Edward

POPE March 2 2019.png

This week’s Pride has all the qualities you’d expect from a Pride of Prince Edward. She is such a kind and helpful member of the class. She goes above and beyond to make sure the school is a great place to be. She is always ready to learn and tries her best at all times. It’s a surprise she hasn’t received the award already.

World Book Day 2019

Well done Onyx Class for all your efforts on World Book Day! Your book cover classroom door looks amazing and I really like how you have documented in photographs how you created it! Thank you for taking the time to photograph all the wonderful doors too. It’s nice to see them all.

Mr Sieczkarek

Onyx Class FS2

We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day last week. We had to decorate our door with our favourite book. Miss Mohammed asked all the children and they had a vote to decide which book Onyx class should recreate. We had read all the Love Monster stories by Rachel Bright when it was Valentine’s Day and loved them all. It was difficult to decide on a favourite but we decided on LOVE MONSTER AND THE LAST CHOCOLATE🙂 

Everyone worked hard together to make the different parts we needed for our door. First we needed to make a Love Monster. We had to find a lot of different red materials so we could make him the right colour.


Then we made the chocolate box look like the purple one in the story. We added a sign which said ‘chocolates’ by looking at the book and copying what it…

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World Book Day

We love to celebrate World Book day by getting dressed up as our favourite characters. We always decorate every single classroom door to depict book covers too. Amber Class looks particularly great!

Amber Class Blog

Today Prince are celebrating World Book Day. This morning I was greeted with so many wonderful costumes of a range of different books that the children love. Here we are!


This week we have worked hard on our door display. We coloured beautifully to create all the fantastic things Mr Wonka has in his chocolate room. We then decided we would make ourselves into Oompa Loompas and have one of the members of Amber class as Charlie!


We even managed to have some real life Oompa Loompas too!


What a great set of costumes Amber class and what a great day celebrating we have had. We have read our favourite books, shared our class story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory whilst relaxing on the carpet and even watched BBC World Book Day Live Lesson.

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Pride of Prince Edward

POPE March 1 2019

You are a shining star! You can always rely on this week’s Pride of Prince Edward to give you that friendly smile in a morning. During the daily Take 10 Aerobics session, she really stands out from the crowd for her excellent dance efforts. Another great quality is that she ensures the classroom is always so tidy. She is kind, polite and has wonderful manners. She is such a wonderful member of our Prince Edward family!