The Pride of Prince Edward

POPE November 2 2018

The Pride of Prince Edward this week goes to a mature, Y6 boy.

He is a quiet, respectful member of Y6 who oozes Pride of Prince Edward qualities. He is conscientious, hard working and dedicated to his learning. He never leaves his work unfinished and his school books are a credit to him. His positive attitude and his efforts this year make him a very worthy winner of the Pride of Prince Edward!

Y4 at Castleton!

Our Year 4s are spending three days away from their families on a residential experience at Castleton.

They left school yesterday and settled in straight away. They walked around Castleton and had lunch. The children took part in a river study and a GPS challenge! Everyone worked hard as a team and represented the school perfectly.

By the afternoon the children walked back to the Youth Hostel at Losehill Hall, started to unpack their things in their dorms and make their beds. The children helped each other make beds especially if the pillow needed a squeeze to get it into the pillow case.

By the evening, everyone was very hungry and they had dinner. More activities followed after that. They took part in the Egg Rocket Challenge!

By the time everyone was ready for bed and had one or two hugs, stories were read and the Y4s soon settled down to sleep. Their mums and dads would be so proud of how they are coping being away from their families on their first night.


Today is day two! Everyone slept like logs! The children will be taking a tour of Speedwell Cavern, exploring the leadmine and fossil hunting. We know, that even with the drizzle and wind, they will have a great time.

Pride of Prince Edward

POPE November 2 2018

This wonderful young lady has an amazing enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. She thrives in all areas of learning, whether it is maths, literacy, singing or drama. She puts her heart and soul in to it. She is determined and strives for constant improvement. She always makes sure she is supportive to others and has a positive attitude each day. She is the perfect example or a Pride of Prince Edward.

Pride of Prince Edward

POPE November 1 2018

Polite, sensible, friendly and helpful; are just a few words you could use to describe this week’s Pride of Prince Edward. She makes the most of her time at school and puts in maximum effort. She is involved in all aspects of school life, including participating in after school clubs. She is even this year’s school councillor for Jade Class. She is the perfect choice for a Pride of Prince Edward.

Healthy Living Week

Here at Prince Edward, we take part in lots of events and themed weeks. Just before the half term holiday, the whole school got involved in Healthy Living Week and everyone got stuck in! I can’t thank the teachers enough for the activities they planned and the visitors they arranged to come in. The children loved Healthy Living Week and showed me just how active they really are! 

Children enjoyed circuit training in the school hall. Just look at some of the activities they did.

Outside at break time, children used special bikes with food blenders attached, and made healthy smoothies. The faster they pedalled, the smoother the smoothie!

Children took part in yoga class. This improves flexibility, bone health, blood flow and perfects posture. 


Children enjoyed boxing! 

A doctor was even invited in to talk to children about healthy lifestyles and the things doctors do.