Pride of Prince Edward

This week’s Pride of Prince Edward!

POPE October 2018.png

You are such a bubbly, bright pupil who is quick with a smile at any time of day. Brimming with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, you can always be relied upon to answer questions and join in. You are a fantastic member of Jade Class and Miss Caudwell feels lucky to have you as part of Team Jade!

Which Script?

I absolutely love this kind of maths! I love problem solving and logic. Well done Y3s!
Mr Sieczkarek

Y3 Sapphire

This week in maths we have been looking at different number and place value problems.

In this problem there are six numbers written in five different scripts.

We had to sort out which is which!


Here is one of our solutions:

We started with one hundred because it’s the only three digit number. However, there was only 3 of them. We then found all the twos because that is the only one digit number. Then we used the two to find all the twenty fives. We used the five to find all the fifty eights and then the eights to find the eighty threes. Then we used the threes to find the thirteens and the number left over was the missing one hundred.

Oliver & Alfie

If you want to try this problem for yourself you can try it here.

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Grandparents’ Afternoon Tea

What a great afternoon. Everyone had such a wonderful time.
Mr Sieczkarek

Onyx Class FS2

We really appreciate the role grandparents have in the lives of the children in our school. This is why we decided to celebrate Grandparents’ Day again this year with an Afternoon Tea. All grandparents in Foundation Stage and Key Stage one were invited and there was a great uptake. We had a very busy Hall full of children loving some special time with their grandparents. Everyone got to enjoy the special biscuits which the children had prepared while they played the games together.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and made it such a great event 🙂 

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Pride of Prince Edward

POPE October 2018.png

This young man is such a hardworking, conscientious boy, who always tries his best in lessons. He wants to do well and works hard to achieve all his next steps. He is happy to help others when they are struggling and he works well with his talk partners. He is always one of the first children to sit smartly and put up his hand. We are very lucky to have him in our school.


Great to see the children in Y5 experiencing sports that they wouldn’t normally try at school.


Today we had a very exciting judo lesson run by Andy from British Judo. We practised different hold down techniques as well as a throw down.

The children were really eager to hear about the sessions that are run at ‘Da Hood’ (the old school building). A leaflet will be sent home shortly with times and dates.image

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