French Day!

In our school, the staff love to make learning fun and inspiring. We enjoy themed weeks and celebrations! This week, for example, the whole school have been baking cakes, buns and goodies raising money for a charity very dear to all our hearts: Macmillan Cancer Charity. Today, is the day we count up how much we have raised. 

Yesterday, the Key Stage 2 staff arranged for the children to sign up for workshops around school. This meant that older brothers and sisters could sign up for the same activity as their younger brother or sister. We love to mix things up like that. Everyone enjoyed this way of working. The staff ensured that all the activities were linked to the modern foreign language we study in our school: French. For our oldest children, they have become quite fluent. They’ve been speaking French for three years or more. We are lucky in our school though, because we have Monsieur Jacques Barthelemy (who is native French speaker) and he teaches French to everyone, so he knows exactly what each child has learnt in the past. 

The school was totally absorbed in everything French, from music workshops, to food tasting, bread baking and cycling. There were a wide range of activities that the children could sign up for, and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, learning lots of new skills and knowledge. Here is a selection of what they got up to…


food tasting


pe games


tour de prince


Pride of Prince Edward

The second Pride of Prince Edward in our new academic year. Congratulations!

POPE sept 2018.png

What a pleasure it is to have this pupil as part of our class. Whatever we are doing, whether it be a mile run, a school visit, guided reading or science; she is always showing her commitment to her learning. She is polite, mature, sensible and respectful. She can always be relied upon and takes her role, as a Prince Edward pupil, very seriously.

Pride of Prince Edward

POPE Sept 18.png

We started our new school year off with a bang. All students returned ready and keen to learn. The race to be the first Pride of Prince Edward was competitive. Many children were showing the qualities we are looking for. Here is our first of the year!

This young man has been ready for this award since he joined Prince Edward. He is smiley, polite, kind and an absolute pleasure to be around. He makes sure he puts 100% effort in to everything he does and he’s always ready to lend a helping hand to a friend in need. What a superstar!