Pride of Prince Edward

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This young lady has such a positive attitude, no matter what she’s doing. She’s been trying so hard in Maths, keeping at it even though she has found it tricky lately (fractions). She has also really been working on her writing, which has come on amazingly. In the daily run and in PE, she works hard and sheers others along. She always has a smile. She is also very helpful, thoughtful and kind. She’s a pleasure to have in class.

Fiver Challenge

I love enterprise projects like this. In fact, the whole of Key Stage 2 will be making profit from their starter £5 this week. Today, from the Y4s, I bought a “Memory Box”, a friendship bracelet, I pre-ordered a personalised key ring and paid to play darts. I scored 37 (with 3 darts) and stayed in the lead until a Y5 girl knocked me off the top spot.

Well done Y4 for kicking this whole thing off. I’ll look forward to see how you get on over the week.

Mr Sieczkarek

Amber Class Blog

Today, after lots of week preparing for this moment, Year Four opened up their stalls ready to sell their products. We have created this business idea from scratch, made a logo and slogan, completed market research and designed and improved our products. We have then made some protocols and created order forms. After we had completed all of this, we created some order forms ready to hit the yard.

This breaktime was the first time that we opened our doors for people to place orders or buy. To say it was our first day, we did extremely well. For sale we had: BRACELETS, SLIME, BADGES AND KEY RINGS AND NAIL PAINTING. I am very proud of everyone today for their sales techniques and hope this good business lasts all week.

Don’t forget, if you saw our stalls today and wish to buy something, bring your money at either BREAKTIME OR…

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Pride of Prince Edward

PopE June week 2

Here we have a true Pride of Prince Edward. She is a delightful little girl who brightens up our day with her smile. She is kind, considerate and has a great sense of humour. She gives 100% to everything she does, even if she finds it a little bit tricky. She perseveres and gets the job done. We are honoured to give this special and rare title to her.


Father’s Day Fun

Father’s Day Fun at Prince Edward!

It was great to see many of our dads playing games, exploring the allotments, chatting, investigating and spending quality time with their sons and daughters this afternoon.

Onyx Class FS2

It was one of our favourite days on Friday when we invited all our dads, granddads, uncles and other male relatives to school for the afternoon. We joined with the rest of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One so we also got to play with our brothers and sisters. We had such a great time in our outdoor area, on the Park and down on the MUGA.

We’d been busy during the week making trophies and cards for our dads as well. We took them home to say a big thank you for helping to look after us.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and made the afternoon such a success! 


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The Pride of Prince Edward

PopE June week 1

Kind, honest, thoughtful – these are just three of the many lovely words we could use to describe our Pride of Prince Edward this week. He has demonstrated the qualities of a Pride since September and probably all through his time at school. He goes above and beyond! He always tries his best, he thinks of others and he acts responsibly. He’s a keen sportsman and always upholds the school’s values when he’s representing us. I’m sure you’ll all agree, he is absolutely deserving of this prestigious award.