Pride of Prince Edward

Pride of Prince Edward April 27th 2018.png

Jade Class has their very own teenager in this star pupil! This is reflected in her attitude towards learning and school. She is responsible, sensible and very mature. She always puts in 100% effort. She is helpful and kind to her peers. Never mind ready for Year 5… our newest Pride has the disposition and attitude of a Year 7 or Year 8! However, Miss Caudwell is so happy that she is in Year 4. This award is very well deserved. Well done!

The Pride of Prince Edward

Pride of Prince Edward April 20 2018.png

This week’s Pride of Prince Edward has been an always child from the day he began in Reception. He is an absolute pleasure to have in Garnet Class: he is always polite, respectful and ready to learn. He sets an example for his peers when he tries his best. Miss Deighton and Mrs Raynes are so proud to have him in their class.

Summertime has Arrived

Over the last few days the weather has really been kind to us. Sunny weather means more outdoor learning. Our school has loads to offer to the pupils. We have a MUGA, a timber trail on astro-turf, a field, allotments, the Biodome, a Secret Garden, the Playpod, an amphitheater, sheltered decking areas, basketball shoots, sheltered bistro tables for outdoor dining and a new cave built in to the banking. 

Today we made full use of our environment and everyone enjoyed their lunch outdoors. The children in our school enjoy having the chance to be active during their breaktimes. The pictures below should capture how lucky we are. 

Yorkshire wildlife park!

Our Y1 children were very brave at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park handling all those exciting and unusual creatures.


We have been learning all about hot and cold places, in particular animals and their habitats. We had a very special treat and got to go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We were very excited to go on the coach.

We wanted to see;

– polar bears

– lions

– giraffes

– leopards

When we got there we got to hold some animals, we thought the snail felt hard and slimey!! We loved to feel the centipedes long legs on our arms. Miss Breeze even held the snake!!

We then got to walk around and look at the animals. We had so much fun!

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