Magnificent Museum

I think this was a great project. Well done Y4.
Mr Sieczkarek

Amber Class Blog

This afternoon, for one afternoon only, Amber class opened its doors to the Anglo Saxon exhibit to showcase our work. Shocked, impressed, amazed- Jade class entered the museum and were in awe of what we had created. Amber class have loved doing the TASC wheel and have created some amazing artefacts.


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First Aid Club

I think this is one of the best clubs we offer at Prince Edward Primary School. These children will have added another life skill to their bows!

Mr Sieczkarek

Amber Class Blog

Miss Deighton and I have been running a first aid club after school on a Monday. So far, we have been amazed at how good the children are at everything we have taught them and this week was no exception. The children were incredible at placing an unresponsive person into the recovery position. These are the steps the children learnt:

  1. Look for surrounding dangers
  2. Talk/shake them to see if they’re responsive
  3. See if they are breathing by leaning in and waiting for the sound/feel of breath
  4. Check their pulse by using two fingers on the neck below their jaw
  5. Ring an ambulance
  6. Move the arm closest to you to bent by their head with their palm up
  7. Bring the other arm across the body and place their hand on their cheek
  8. Place the furthest away leg to bent.
  9. Bring their body over by pulling at the clothing on their hips-…

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Storytelling with Andy Messer- Part 1

Onyx Class FS2

We had a fabulous time last Tuesday when it was our turn for some storytelling sessions with Andy Messer, our storyteller in residence. He’s been working with all the different classes in school and finally it was our turn. Andy spent the whole day in Foundation Stage splitting his time between Nursery and Reception and doing some work with us all together outside.

First we had a storytelling session inside with just Onyx class. This was a funny story about a crocodile and a monkey. Andy talked about mango in the story so brought some for us to try. Some of us had never tried it before.


Then Andy spent some time outside. I bet you can’t guess what type of stories we were telling?!? We used some of our loose parts outside to enhance our stories and become props.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Our stories in the classroom…

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Pride of Prince Edward

Pride of PRince Edward March 18

Our Y2 Pride of Prince Edward is an absolute delight to have in class. She sets an excellent example and is a role model with her behaviour. She always has a smile on her face and is such a lovely, kind and friendly child to everyone. She is enthusiastic and always puts in fantastic effort in her learning. Prince Edward is so lucky to have her!

Pride of Prince Edward

Pride of Prince Edward March 2018

This wonderful young man hasn’t been at our school for very long but he has been ready for this award from the moment he walked through the doors! He is kind and thoughtful. He looks after others in the class and will be the first person to care for someone if they are upset. It is for all these reasons, that he is the perfect choice for the Pride of Prince Edward.