Outstanding Approach Cup!

It’s very rare to be presenting this trophy. We normally issue it to individuals who have an “outstanding approach” to school life. You can actually see previous winners on our website:



It is huge congratulations to the fabulous Year Four team this week who have been awarded this trophy for their behaviour on school trips. They showed the adults their best behaviour and represented Prince impeccably. But is is normal for them. They shone out above the other schools that were attending the same trip and another Head Teacher contacted the school to praise us! Well done Amber class and Jade Class, you have made Team Prince very happy.

Trophy 2


Pride of Prince Edward

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Our Pride of Prince Edward this week has been a model student throughout school, but since entering Year 4, she has impressed everyone with her mature attitude and approach to learning. She has great perseverance, is beautifully polite and helpful; and she is a great addition to Prince Edward.

Times table Competition

I always enjoy the Times Tables Quiz Show. Well done Jade Class. You won! That makes it 2 – 3 so now you are only one win behind. Keep learning your tables and don’t forget: 5 6 7 8…. 5 6 = 7 x 8. Easy!

Mr Sieczkarek

Jade class

Jade Winners!

Overall Score 3-2 to Amber Class

Jade class won today. Well done to the team. However, we are still behind and need to keep practising our times tables

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Cake Cake Cake!

Great work Onyx Class. I can’t think of a better way to learn! I love cake and I love how much learning you got from it. Wouldn’t it be good to learn about cake every week?

Mr Sieczkarek

Onyx Class FS2

What a week we had last week! The children had been talking a lot about cake. It has been a few children’s birthdays in Onyx class and some of them had brought cake to celebrate. Then it was a different child’s birthday and they didn’t bring a cake so we discussed how cake wasn’t just for birthdays and you didn’t ALWAYS get cake on someone’s birthday. We had also been talking about cake when we’d done learning about The Highway Rat the week before.

The children decided they wanted to make cake which the teachers agreed was a great idea. However, if we wanted to make cake there were a few things we needed to do first.

The very first thing we needed to do was write a list of ingredients that we would need. For this we had to find a recipe and find out what we needed. Once…

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