Pride of Prince Edward

What a wonderful choice it has been to select this week’s Pride of Prince Edward. It is so well-deserved.

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He greets Amber Class every morning with a smile and a beautiful “good morning”. He is very helpful around the classroom and is a great friend to his fellow classmates. He has been so focused in the classroom recently, putting his hand up and engaging in his learning. He has produced some of the best work we have seen from him in Y4, showing off everything he has learnt this year. He is a pleasure to teach and represents Amber Class beautifully.

Year 4 Castleton Residential 2017!

It looks like you had such a great time at Castleton with so many activities. It was great to visit you and join in with the activity down the mine shaft!
Mr Sieczkarek

Jade class


This week was our long awaited trip to Castleton. We were so excited and a little anxious. However, we had a fantastic time and did lots of brilliant learning about a contrasting locality and water.


GPS challenge

We got to know our way around Castleton. We had to follow the GPS system to answer questions about the village and its history.

Egg Rocket challenge

We worked in groups to design a rocket that would launch and land without breaking our very special passenger… a raw egg! We got points for the height of the launch and for keeping the egg safe.

River Study

We took measurements and made calculation to determine the speed  and temperature of the water.

Fossil hunting and fossil making

Thousands of years ago Castleton would have been underwater! There are lots of under water sea creature fossils if you look carefully.

IMG_7301  IMG_7303

We made some of…

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Castleton Residential

You had such a great time. I was really happy to come out to Castleton and see you working so well together as a team and problem solving together.
Mr Sieczkarek

Amber Class Blog

Last week Amber class went on a residential trip to Castleton. We began the trip by studying the local river, following a GPS to complete a trail around the village and making egg rockets to blast into the air. The next day we visited Speedwell cavern, where we went on boat down into the cave to see where miners had mined for lead. We then followed this by completing a walk around Castleton, looking at all the different features of the village. When we arrived back at the hostel, we made our own fossils and then experienced a real lead mine. After tea, we then did some gem panning where we searched through sand to find gems! On our final day, we went to Peak Cavern where we went deep into the cave and learnt all about its history.

Miss Landsborough was really impressed with the behaviour of all the…

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Pride Of Prince Edward


This pupil is such a joy to have in school. She is hardworking and thoughtful. She is kind and caring. She can really empathise with how people are feeling and puts other people’s feelings first. She has resilience and is so mature. Congratulations: you’ve been ready for this for years!