Pride of Prince Edward

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The Pride of Prince Edward this week is a pleasure to have in class. He is kind, polite and hard working. He always looks after others in our class and makes it his mission to be a friend to everyone. These qualities and more make our friend in Y3 Sapphire Class an obvious choice to be a Pride of Prince Edward!

Stone Age Visit to Manor Lodge

This looks like a super opportunity for outdoor learning. Mr Sieczkarek

Y3 Sapphire

This week we visited Sheffield Manor Lodge and we had an amazing time. In our class this term we have been learning all about the Stone Age and this visit helped us to learn even more!

Our first activity was to build a Stone Age shelter big enough to us fit in! We learnt that people in he Stone Age had to make houses that were easy to put up and take down because they were always moving to escape the harsh weather conditions. Then we explored how Neanderthals made fire. We used an replica of a Stone Age tool which created friction to make embers.


After that, we completed some activities about Stone Age hunters. We made our own spears, followed animal tracks and fired a bow and arrow.


Finally, we learnt about Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Although lots of historians have speculated about its purpose nobody…

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Goodnight Mr Tom

What a wonderful opportunity. I love the theatre and I know your Y6 teachers do too. I wonder what will be on at the theatre next?

Y6 Class Blog

What an exciting night some of our Year Sixes had last night! If you’re a member of Miss Senior’s after-school reading club, last night, you had the opportunity to visit Sheffield Library Theatre to watch a production of Goodnight Mister Tom. Here we are just before the show started last night…

Reading Group

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