The Pride of Prince Edward

POPE 1.7.17

This Y6 Pride of Prince Edward has demonstrated Pride of Prince Edward qualities for years! He is a superstar! He has grown so much this year and his wonderful personality has brightened up Y6 everyday. He is charming and cheerful, has a fantastic attitude; and in recent weeks, everyone has been flabbergasted by his outstanding performance in Bugsy Malone. Congratulations! We are thrilled that you are the new Pride of Prince Edward!


5 comments on “The Pride of Prince Edward

  1. y6classblog says:

    Congratulations Obed!

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  2. y6classblog says:

    Amazing! You deserve it! Coben

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  3. y6classblog says:

    congratulations Obed you did us proud 🙂

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  4. y6classblog says:

    congratulations obed you did us proud from mellica

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  5. y6classblog says:

    Congratulations to you. You did it. We are so so so proud of you!!!

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