100% Attendance for the Whole Year


100% Attendance Award

33 children met a very important person today – The Lord Mayor! This is because they have been recognised as having 100% attendance for the year which is a really great achievement and one that we are very proud of.
Miss French told me she was extremely proud of the children and as usual, their behaviour and manners were impeccable. In fact, someone on the tram commented how well behaved the children were! Several other Headteachers have told me that they were at the wonderful event and our children stood out a mile as being so well-behaved and respectful.
Well done children, you all have a love of school and learning and are wonderful ambassadors for Prince Edward Primary School.

3 comments on “100% Attendance for the Whole Year

  1. princeedwardprimaryschool says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed spending the morning with the 33 deserving children. Look out for more details about the end of year 100% attendance event that we will be holding. Last year we went to Jump Inc, I wonder where we will go this year?

    Miss French


  2. DM says:

    Well done to all the amazing 100% attendent children, How lucky are you meeting the Lord Mayor!keep it up.


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