Pride of Prince Edward

PoPE 23.6.17

Our newest Pride may only be five but she has already proved herself to being worthy of the Pride of Prince Edward. She is a fantastic role model to everyone for both behaviour and learning. She gives 100% to everything. She is kind and caring and never needs to be asked twice. She is a delight to have in Garnet Class and the whole school is very lucky to have her as our new Pride of Prince Edward!

The Time Tables Quiz Show!

It was the last ever Times Tables Quiz Show in year 4. Everyone has worked so hard to learn their tables and as a result, the pupils know them all! It has been so close all the way. Before this Quiz Show, it was 2 wins for Amber Class and 2 wins for Jade Class. Someone had to win and Jade pipped Amber to the post. We will relaunch our quiz show next year with a new set of Y4s. This current year group will be hard to beat, but if anyone can do it, our current year 3s can. 

Well done to all the pupils and staff for organising this exciting event. 

Robot Wars!

Some of our Y5 and Y6 pupils competed in this year’s inter-school Robot Wars competition. Every year we invite the Robot Wars expert in to show us how to make our own robots, to embark on challenges and navigate obstacles. We always invite pupils from other schools in Sheffield to take part too. 

What is particularly exciting, is one of the heavily, armoured robots from the TV show makes an appearance in our school and we can see how complex the real robots are. They are virtually indestructible. 

We were proud to come in 2nd and 3rd place out of all the groups from all the schools taking part. 

Pride of Prince Edward

PoPE 9.6.17

This superstar has been ready for the Pride of Prince Edward for years. She is kind and thoughtful. She aims to be a role model for her friends to look up to and she can always be relied on to set a positive example. She completes all her work and perseveres even if she finds it difficult. All this makes her the perfect choice for the Pride of Prince Edward.