Times Tables Quiz Show

The second Times Tables Quiz Show in Y4. This was a tight competition. I was amazed at the speed of the pupils’ responses.

Well done Y4.

Amber Class Blog

Congratulations to Jade Class who were the worthy winners of this week’s Times Tables Quiz Show Competition! The score was VERY close (28-29 to Jade) but Amber Class are determined to win back that trophy next time.

Thanks again to Mr Sieczkarek, our Game Show Host, and Miss Steer, who kept score.

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Y6 Kingswood Residential

The Y6s are spending a week at Kingswood on residential. They are really enjoying themselves. Many teachers and school staff are giving up their time to make sure the children have the best possible experience. I am always so grateful to the team for that. I paid a visit Monday and Tuesday night to make sure the children were settled and I spent a full morning there today. The children worked well as a team, supported each other, encouraged everyone, followed safety instructions carefully and experienced things they had never experienced before. The pupils are thriving!

Climbing Wall 2017

Conquering fears on the climbing wall. Daring to look down. Reaching the top. Climbing higher than imagined.

Den Building 2017

Working as a team to build a den that fulfilled the brief: facing away from the wind and rain; keeping yourselves dry and warm; and co-operating to get the job done on time.

fencing 2017

Fencing: learning a new skill, competing, ensuring you follow instructions in order to stay safe. Who would have known that the way you start a fencing bout is by slapping each other across the (masked) face with a leather glove?

High All Aboard 2017

High All Aboard! This task is so tricky. The platform is tiny and really high! Children have to negotiate the platform in order to both reach the top. Teamwork is essential. Often, children don’t even realise how high up they are. This team made it to the top and balanced on one leg before performing “heads, shoulders, knees and toes”!

High Ropes Teamwork 2017

Teamwork on the High Ropes. Children experience what it is like to secure each other to the pully system and ensure everyone plays a key part.

To find out exactly what the Y6s are up to, check out their blog >>Click Here<<

A Material World

Working with Y5 on their science day.

Y5 Amethyst

Amethyst class had a Science day yesterday, and what a treat it was!

We are learning about materials and their properties, and we had a whole range activities to work through: sorting and comparing materials; testing insulation; separating mixtures and solutions; and experimenting with reversible and irreversible changes. We also had a special guest teacher: Mr Sieczkarek.

Here were are engrossed in our various tasks:

Mrs Lohoar, Mr Sieczkarek and Mrs Kirk were so impressed with how scientifically everyone was able to think when tackling their tasks and their challenge cards.

We also recognised our first Science Star of the year. Well done!


Can you predict which material would be the best insulator out of these: foil, bubble wrap, cardboard, felt or cotton wool?

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After finishing Wuthering Heights, the Y6 were keen to hear Macbeth! They enjoyed Romeo and Juliet so much, they couldn’t wait to return to Shakespeare. Today, the entire year group were engaged from the beginning, offering ideas, thoughts, predictions and opinions. 

“Maybe the prophesies Macbeth heard, will become true because he wants them to become true?”

“Don’t you think the King will reward Macbeth for his efforts in that battle?”

The children were thirsty for more but we simply ran out of time! They started a debate with hardly any input from me. Read their thoughts. We’d only just met Lady Macbeth. She’d read her letters and had just heard news of her husband’s and the king’s arrival.

“I think Macbeth will have made Lady Macbeth think about becoming Queen.”

“I think if Lady Macbeth knows King Duncan is visiting her castle tonight, she’ll probably plan to have him killed.”

“But will she do it herself?” 

“I don’t think Macbeth will do it to his own cousin!” 

“But will she want to actually do it herself?” 

“Hang on! If they do kill King Duncan, they’ll have to kill the sons! They’re named as heir to the throne. Macbeth can’t become king until they’re dead too.” 

“Maybe they’ll poison them, wait until they’re asleep, then kill all three.”

The Y6s go on residential next week to Kingswood. I’m not sure we can wait until their return. Maybe I should go out there and read it before bedtime?