The Pride of Prince Edward


This week’s Pride of Prince Edward is a friend to everybody. She is kind, considerate and such a hard worker. She is always there to lend a helping hand and goes out of her way to help others. Prince Edward is lucky to have her!


Music, Science and Shakespeare

It was a treat to hear the Y2s play their recorders for me. EYFS heard it too on their search for sounds around school today! Loads of science is taking place in Y4 right now. Thanks for showing me extended writing in Topic Books and teaching me loads of scientific vocabulary like: saliva, oesophagus and intestines. 



I read to the Y6s this afternoon and started a narrative version of Romeo and Juliet. It’s already very exciting, Romeo has just kissed Juliet at the Capulet’s party and the text gave us opportunities to discuss words like: despised, billowing and contemptuous. 

Maths Problem Solving

I’ve had my fractions knowledge tested today. The Year 6s were talking to me about lowest common denominators when comparing two fractions with different denominators and the Y4s were finding fractions of amounts.

I am very impressed with the presentation of their books, the methods and strategies used; and the quality marking from both teachers and peers.

Here is a ‘wish’ from one of the Y4s which isn’t quite mathematically correct. She wrote this ‘wish’ in her friends book. Who can reply and tell me why?

“There are 30 children in the class. 1/4 of them leave the room. How many are left?”

Wonderful Work on a Monday!

It’s wonderful to receive visits from children across the school who show me their work. This always brightens up my Monday. I’ve read all about Cats in Y2 in a fabulous non-chronological report. I’ve read some amazing, descriptive writing about Harry Potter from a Y5 writer; and some Y4s came to show me how they worked collaboratively on solving fractions of amounts using the bar modelling method. 

This Week’s Pride of Prince Edward

Congratulations to this week’s Pride of Prince Edward!


Our Pride of Prince Edward this week is so kind and helpful who always looks out for others in school. She is the first person to be there if anyone is upset. She completes all her work to the best of her ability and perseveres when things are difficult. All these qualities make her a perfect choice for the Pride of Prince Edward!

Amazing Y4 Maths

It’s always nice to receive visitors. I was working on policies in my office and had two Y4 boys show me their amazing maths. They have been working on tricky equivalent fractions using difficult multiples. Both boys had deepened their thinking and had challenged each other with personalised wishes. It’s always nice to see peer marking too in books. Well done boys! Keep this up. I can’t wait to see more.

Happy New Year 2017

Welcome back to all our pupils and staff. We arrived back on a bitter January morning and cracked straight on with all the exciting activities the day brings. Our Y5s are playing the violin and our Y6s haven’t stopped speaking French this morning. Y3s unwrapped a fish tank and there’s lots of play dough in the Early Years.

I will look forward to reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with the Y6s this afternoon. Before Christmas, the monster had been reunited with Frankenstein and had requested that he create him a “mate”!