Investigations at Prince Edward

More surprises at my door!

A year 4 pupil was excited about showing me her writing in her topic book about the digestive system. It was very informative, well-written and very well presented. The teacher’s marking really helps to point out the positives in her writing and an area to improve on. I had no idea the small intestines were that long!


FS2 have been thinking about volcanoes. In their Floor Book they discussed all sorts. They investigated lots of things. I love the writing example and the massive model they all made. I can’t wait to see the video clip of the eruption. I then went in to class to tell them about the time I climbed a real life volcano and looked over the edge in to the crater. It was Mount Vesuvius and the class were shocked to hear that a tree was growing inside!



One comment on “Investigations at Prince Edward

  1. […] blog when we went to show him our amazing volcano learning. You can find the post by clicking here. If you want to see Mr Sieczkarek’s Headteacher blog and follow it too click on the homepage […]


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